z/OS Security with Mainframe SIEM

Mainframe SIEM Agent for z/OS Security

Most organizations know the importance of having a strong data security program in place, which is why most IT departments are pushing for a strong, robust, and definitive mainframe SIEM (security information and event management) platform.

Unfortunately, some of these organizations don’t have the mainframe included in their SIEM solution, or they don’t know if the mainframe is even included or not. Not knowing that the mainframe is part of the solution is just as bad as not having a mainframe SIEM solution.

zSoftwareSP addresses this need by providing Information Security Continuous  Monitoring  (ISCM) software for IBM z/OS Operating Systems, which allows customers to see the big picture in their mainframe security. If you are interested in learning more about our mainframe ISCM/SIEM solution for your z/OS security, contact us online or at 703-922-7367 to request a free demo.

The Importance of Mainframe SIEM

Here at zSoftwareSP, we understand that you have a business to run, and that a single security breach can cost your company billions of dollars. In today’s digital world, there is a proliferation of unauthorized security attacks. This has left highly sensitive information from the government and private corporations exposed and vulnerable to cyber security attacks.

In this kind of setting, your CSO cannot depend on individual security departments alone to protect key company assets such as credit card numbers and customer account records. Cybercriminals will look for weaknesses throughout the whole IT enterprise, with z/OS systems being targeted as points of entry.

Mainframe SIEM Protects Your Business from Internal Attacks

Protecting z/OS systems and their data should be as equally important as protecting all client operating systems, servers, and firewalls. Many security practices and technologies have been designed to detect only external security threats. But what about internal security? An equal, if not greater, challenge to the CSO is the malicious activity done by internal company employees.

Unfortunately, most existing systems are not sufficient enough to detect or prevent an employee with authorized access from conducting unauthorized activities. Our mainframe z/OS security agent can, and we do it well.

Why Use VitalSigns SIEM Agent for z/OS?

z/OS Mainframe SIEM Agent

In order to take advantage of the VitalSigns SIEM Agent (VSA), you need to have a mainframe computer (IBM z/OS operating system) and an active SIEM product already in place. As an authorized software reseller of VitalSigns SIEM Agent, we can help you ensure mainframe SIEM compatibility with your system.

We provide you with the mainframe SIEM software so that you can meet G/R/C logging requirements and comply with SOX, PCI, and HIPAA standards. We provide you with the software you need so you can detect, contain, and respond to security threats real-time.

Learn More About Mainframe SIEM

If your business has grown over the years, the greater the need for mainframe SIEM security. Multiple threats can and will emerge, which is why you need to protect your key assets at all costs. As a mainframe z/OS agent, zSoftwareSP can help improve the efficacy of your RACF, ACF2, Top Secret, SMF, and Console messages.

Our mainframe SIEM solution allows you to determine, isolate, and fix security problems real-time, while ensuring compliance. Please contact us at 703-922-7367 so that we can address your z/OS security needs.