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z/OS Mainframe Security Solution

If you compromise on data security, your data security may be compromised. zSoftwareSP is a leading provider and reseller of IT software solutions. For the last 45 years, we have been a part of the never-ending evolution of IBM’s computing Big Data processors. We offer proprietary mainframe security software for IBM mainframe computers that run the z/OS operating system.

Our company’s foundation draws from providing z/OS System Programming services, Data Center Physical Security evaluations, cybersecurity training to NATO counter intelligence, and the development of Type80’s SMA_RT software. To find out more about the z/OS security software solutions we offer, please contact us at 703-922-7367 for a free demo.

Type80’s SMA_RT is Now VitalSigns SIEM Agent

The main product we supply is VitalSigns SIEM Agent. Originally developed and branded as Type80’s SMA_RT software, this is the first Real-Time z/OS SIEM Agent used for mainframe security event monitoring and compliance regulations.

In May of 2017, Software Diversified Services (SDS) acquired the SMA_RT software product from Type80 Security and has rebranded the product as VitalSigns SIEM Agent (VSA). As developers of the software, we are known as mainframe security experts within the industry, and we are an authorized reseller of the VitalSigns SIEM Agent.

Get to Know zSoftwareSP

z/OS Mainframe Security Company

zSoftwareSP is located in Ashburn, Virginia. We are strategically located in the Dulles Technology Corridor, and  near the George Washington University, Virginia Science & Technology Campus (VSTC).

The Dulles Technology Corridor is a business cluster containing many defense and technology companies in Northern Virginia. Commonly referred to as “The Silicon Valley of the East”, the area carries more than half of all traffic on the Internet and is home to more telecommunications and satellite companies than any other place on earth.

The George Washington University, Virginia Science & Technology Campus (VSTC) has always been an advocate of “Big Data Capabilities to Support Bigger Thinking”. VSTC offers degree and certificate programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) based disciplines including cyber security and information technology.

Why Choose Us as Your Mainframe Security Expert

Securing your business’ data is no small feat, but this can be achieved with zSoftwareSP’s help. We have 17 years of experience providing security solutions, and our expertise lies in z/OS Real-Time Mainframe Security and Event Monitoring.

Most businesses that suffer from a mainframe security breach will also suffer from huge financial losses. In order to protect your company from such a disaster, make sure that you have a risk mitigation process in place.

If your business does suffer from a mainframe security lapse, you need to contain the breach and get professional help to make sure it does not happen again. You can start by implementing a mainframe SIEM program in your organization.

Contact zSoftwareSP Today About Our Mainframe Security Solutions!

zSoftwareSP can help you reduce or eliminate the mainframe security risks in your business by using the VitalSigns SIEM Agent software. This software allows you to easily detect any mainframe security breach in your infrastructure, as well as improve compliance efforts so that you can pass security audits.

Can you risk not knowing what is occurring on your z/OS mainframe? Most definitely not. Securing business data is essential to the success of your organization. Contact us today at 703-922-7367 to improve your z/OS security and join our growing list of happy clients.