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Coming up with a complicated password, reducing transfer of data, or restricting downloads may not be enough to ensure z/OS security considering the sophisticated tools being used in today’s cyber warfare, and a security breach can have costly and lasting effects on your business. Therefore, mainframe security is more important than ever. If you would like a free demo of our z/OS security solution, VitalSigns SIEM Agent (VSA), or you would like to learn more about how this mainframe z/OS agent works, contact a representative at zSoftwareSP today at 703-922-7367 or use our online contact form.

z/OS Security Made Easy with VitalSigns SIEM Agent

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In a Cost of a Data Breach study conducted by The Ponemon Institute, an independent research organization, the financial and manufacturing industries has had the highest percentage of security breaches.

Even if your business does not belong in these sectors, you still need to protect your data, especially if you have a big organization. Out of the 13 countries involved in Ponemon’s study, the United States had the highest percentage of breaches, and 52% of the data loss is caused by a criminal or malicious behavior.

If your business stores any personal information involving highly sensitive data of customers or clients, you need to have a mainframe SIEM solution in place.

You can get professional z/OS security help from the experts at zSoftwareSP. We are an authorized software reseller of the VitalSigns SIEM Agent, which can help fully secure your business so you don’t have to worry about z/OS security breaches.

With the help of VSA, you will have a centralized, enterprise-wide view of your data information real-time. This means your security experts no longer have to depend on batch jobs—they can be alerted right away once a z/OS security threat has been identified, instead of discovering it long after the incident has happened.

Why You Need a z/OS Security Agent

In your line of business, a single security threat can be the chink in the armor that can cause the downfall of your business. This is why creating a comprehensive and foolproof z/OS security program is of utmost importance. This can be achieved with the help of zSoftwareSP.

Located right in the heart of the Dulles Technology Corridor in Ashburn, Virginia, we have over 17 years of experience when it comes to z/OS Real-Time Security and Event Monitoring. The management team of zSoftwareSP has been involved with the evolution of IBM’s computing Big Data processors for the last 45 years. We offer proprietary software for IBM mainframe computers that run the z/OS operating system.

Our associates have a diverse background in providing z/OS System Programming services, Data Center Physical Security evaluations, cybersecurity training to NATO counter intelligence, as well as the development of Type80’s SMA_RT software, now VitalSigns SIEM Agent, which is the first Real-Time z/OS SIEM Agent used for security event monitoring and compliance regulations.

VSA is your first line of defense against malicious attackers intent on doing harm on your business. Using the software allows you to see all of your z/OS security events from one place, and identify any potential or existing vulnerabilities in your security system real-time.

Learn More About How the VitalSigns SIEM Agent Can Help Secure Your Business

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of VitalSigns SIEM Agent, get answers to your z/OS security questions, or request a free demo, please call us at 703-922-7367.